Promover la participación de proveedores

Suppliers who already do business electronically with some trading partners will be quick to understand the advantages of accepting your invitation to join Ariba Network. Among those new to e-commerce, most will join once they understand that:

  • It is important to you

  • Being asked to join means that they are strategically important to you

  • Both companies will benefit

  • It will strengthen your trading partnership

Helping your suppliers understand all the above is part of the critical role your company plays in making it easier for them to conduct business with you through SAP Ariba. And, of course, SAP Ariba will be with you every step of the way.

  • Costos y beneficios para el proveedor

    Cuando le sugiera a los proveedores que se unan a Ariba Network, lo primero que querrán saber es por qué, en qué se beneficiarán y cuánto cuesta.

    Explíqueles que ha invertido en las soluciones de SAP Ariba para colaborar con la optimización de parte o la totalidad del proceso de adquirir para pagar a través de la automatización y las conexiones de red. And when you and your suppliers connect over Ariba Network, you can both speed up processing, reduce errors, minimize exceptions, and collaborate more easily.

    Your suppliers can benefit in other ways, too, depending on the amount and type of business you conduct with them. For example:

    • Si realiza unas cuantas transacciones de compra con ellos, se beneficiarán principalmente con los pagos predecibles y a tiempo.

    • Mientras más órdenes de compra y facturas intercambie con ellos, mayor será el tiempo y dinero que ahorren gracias a la precisión y eficiencia mejoradas.

    • Si accede a sus catálogos a través de la red, tendrán un mejor perfil entre sus compradores y esto incrementará sus ventas.

    • Perhaps the biggest benefit of all: If you’re happy, they’re happy and will be more likely to keep you as a customer.

    As for cost ...

    Ariba Network subscriptions and fees for suppliers are determined by the following:

    • The number of documents they transact on Ariba Network within a 12-month period.

    • The extent of the automation technologies and support their business requires.

    As your suppliers’ use of Ariba Network grows, their subscription level grows providing ever-greater functionality, tools, and services to increase their opportunities for collaboration, automation, and marketing exposure.


    To learn how fees are calculated for a given supplier, visit this page and download a fee schedule by selecting the region in which the supplier is based.

  • Su rol: catalizador de cambios

    At its core, e-commerce is about change – changing the way you and your suppliers do business, internally and with each other.

    While SAP Ariba’s supplier enablement team plays a leading technical role, you play an important leadership and communications role in getting your suppliers up and running with SAP Ariba.

    You’ll facilitate enablement, program adoption, and positive results by first establishing your Collaborative Commerce Program Policy, which embodies your strategy, objectives, and expectations, and then clearly and consistently communicating it to your suppliers.

  • El rol de SAP Ariba: su copiloto

    No está solo. Hable con su ejecutivo de participación del cliente.

    When it comes to facilitating your suppliers' use of SAP Ariba, your job is to be the visionary and change catalyst. But you also must be pragmatic, understanding both the benefits that will come with automated, network-based commerce and the challenges buyers and suppliers will face when undertaking significant business process changes.

    So, let’s be clear: You’re not flying solo on this one.

    SAP Ariba es su copiloto y le ofrece todo el conocimiento y experiencia adquiridos luego de desarrollar los mejores servicios de adopción de redes durante más de una década. No matter whether you're launching your initiative, expanding your program, or just need to be reminded why you started down this path in the first place, SAP Ariba can help you to:

    • Desarrollar su estrategia y trazar un plan

    • Promover la cooperación entre sus proveedores y equipos internos

    • Capacitar y conectar a sus proveedores

    • Controlar y monitorear el progreso y los logros del programa

    To get help, talk with your customer engagement executive. Share your objectives, challenges, and concerns with them. En muchos casos, le brindarán ayuda sin costo adicional.

  • Comunicarse con los proveedores y capacitarlos

    Cumbre de vendedores

    Una vez que se haya preparado internamente, un método comprobado para comunicarse con los proveedores y capacitarlos es a través de una cumbre de vendedores.

    During a summit, you can discuss your e-commerce initiative directly with your suppliers while providing them a comfortable environment in which to ask questions and voice concerns.

    Juntos presentaremos a sus proveedores a Ariba Network, sus niveles de suscripción y los beneficios asociados. The education and experience that suppliers derive from these summits are proven to increase program adoption.

    Al organizar una cumbre, su rol incluye:

    • Identifying someone who will coordinate the event with SAP Ariba and participate as a co-presenter during the summit

    • Identificar los proveedores que invitará

    • Collaborating with SAP Ariba on the content

    • Inviting your suppliers and encouraging their attendance

    For more information on running a seller summit, contact your customer engagement executive.

    Tutoriales y demostraciones para proveedores

    Your suppliers might have questions about doing business on Ariba Network. While SAP Ariba solutions come with a lot of built-in help and guidance, we also offer an array of recorded tutorials and live demos through which your suppliers can learn how to

    • Cambiar una contraseña

    • Administrar una cuenta

    • Responder a una solicitud de información (RFI), solicitud de propuesta (RFP) o subasta

    • Crear y cargar catálogos

    • Recibir y procesar órdenes de compra

    • Iniciar facturas

    • Promocionar su negocio entre otros compradores de SAP Ariba

    • y más

    Suppliers can find tutorials and demos on the supplier login page by clicking Help Center in the upper right corner, then Documentation at the bottom of that column. Log in for even more.
    Capacitación del proveedor

Customer Success Resources

Capacitación del proveedor

Suppliers can find tutorials on the supplier login page by clicking Help Center in the upper right corner, then Documentation at the bottom of that column. Log in for even more.

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