Acerca de SAP Ariba

We live in an era of dizzying change and digital transformation that has a huge impact on your business.

SAP Ariba is rethinking how work gets done in this new, digital economy. It is more critical than ever that your business adapts. How you manage your supply chain - your supplier relationships, your transactions, the business you need to do with your suppliers – is no exception.

Managing a supply chain goes far beyond basic process. It's about more than making transactions zip back and forth over the web. And managing relationships with customers is about more than getting invoices to them as fast as possible, with as few clicks as possible.

Automating the basic process of any supply chain is important, but it's not enough. To get control of your supply chain and your spending, you need to shift your perspective from the process to the bigger picture. And you need to find a technology partner that can help. A partner who can help you think holistically about how you can collaborate with your suppliers, who understands the complexities of managing a healthy supply chain, and who can connect every part of your purchasing process across your entire business while giving your suppliers a way to better manage and grow theirs.

That's where SAP Ariba comes in. SAP Ariba integrates the entire buying process across your entire organization. When you connect to Ariba Network, you connect to millions of suppliers across direct and indirect expense categories.

  • SAP Ariba está abierto para todos los sistemas y todos los tipos de bienes y servicios, lo que le da formas innovadoras de conectarse con la red más grande del mundo de compradores y proveedores, colaborar con los socios comerciales adecuados y mejorar su solución con aplicaciones y extensiones. 
  • SAP Ariba brinda el conocimiento que necesita para crear y administrar conexiones confiables y duraderas con socios que se adaptan a su negocio, mientras asegura sus políticas y transacciones efcientes sin errores.
  • SAP Ariba ofrece un sistema automatizado integral que elimina la complejidad y le permite a los compradores y proveedores administrar todo, desde contratos hasta pagos, todo en un mismo lugar.  

Sharing SAP Ariba's Mission with the World

On the eve of SAP Ariba Live in Sydney, Alex Atzberger, President, SAP Ariba, shares on Sky TV News how SAP Ariba helps companies around the world make procurement awesome.