Coming Soon to a Microsoft Office 365 Near You: SAP Ariba

Cloud giants to link applications, enabling a simple, more collaborative procurement process for companies large and small

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 17, 2016 –SAP Ariba and Microsoft mean business in the cloud. The companies today announced plans to integrate SAP Ariba’s procurement solutions with Microsoft Office 365 and drive a seamless experience that will enable companies to manage the source-to-pay process in a more simple and collaborative manner than ever before.

"Today's professionals have little tolerance for complexity," said Alex Atzberger, President, SAP Ariba. "They expect technology to make things easy and want to work in the applications where they live without having to switch between them to get things done. Together with Microsoft, we can deliver on these expectations and enable our customers to operate with the simplicity and speed their businesses demand."


How many times have you received a question on an invoice from a partner without any documentation? Or been asked to create a contract for goods and services without any guidance? You probably spent the better part of a day searching for information. And then another few days mired in emails and phone calls.

Wouldn't it be great if with a few clicks you could create, share and collaborate around procurement-related documents using the applications of your choice in real time? With the planned integration of SAP Ariba's cloud applications and Microsoft Office 365, you'll be able to do just this.


For instance, when purchasing goods and services through SAP Ariba where a Statement of Work is required, you can automatically access the Microsoft Office 365 suite and be guided to a template for creating it using Microsoft Word. Ditto for contracts. As you work on the documents, you can collaborate with multiple parties in real time from any device.


When accounts payable receives a question on an invoice, direct voice communication can be initiated via Skype within SAP Ariba, enabling live collaboration and faster resolution of any issues between buyers and sellers.

"Business today is fast moving to the cloud," Atzberger said. "And SAP Ariba and Microsoft will meet them there with consumer simple, enterprise strong solutions that remove complexity and help them run simple."

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