Simplify and control the purchase of non-sourced goods

What happens when your employees need those one-off or emergency purchases for which sourcing doesn't make sense? Finding and buying these spot buy items from a large number of suppliers can be costly and time consuming. Es más, estos artículos de origen externo pueden representar hasta el 15 por ciento de los gastos indirectos de su empresa.*

SAP Ariba Spot Buy, a capability within SAP Ariba procurement solutions, helps you get a handle on those purchases. You'll find that it...

  • is easy to quickly find and buy what you need, from among more than 10 million items
  • is a trusted source of pre-enabled supply from hundreds of suppliers
  • improves control because you customize it according to your policies and procedures


How it works

SAP Ariba Spot Buy combines traditional business-to-business procurement controls with consumer-like purchasing convenience. Cómo funciona:

  1. Find: When an item cannot be found in the company catalog, users search the SAP Ariba Spot Buy catalog, filtering results by category, brand, and price.
  2. Aprobar: con normas comerciales configurables y flujo de trabajo específico para compras inmediatas que cumplen con las políticas corporativas.
  3. Comprar: las solicitudes de compra aprobadas activan el proceso de compra, pago seguro y envío de los artículos.

Ahora los empleados pueden buscar y comprar con facilidad los artículos de origen externo que necesitan. Y con datos detallados para controlar y contabilizar las transacciones de compras inmediatas, el departamento de adquisiciones puede finalmente incorporar los gastos por compras de origen externo a la administración y servir mejor a sus clientes internos.


Suppliers benefit, too

SAP Ariba Spot Buy ensures that suppliers can offer their goods when and where buyers need them. It provides suppliers with a sales channel through which they can not only boost sales to existing customers, but also generate new sales and gain additional market share. Listen to what an SAP Ariba supplier has to share by watching the video in the sidebar.


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* SAP Ariba estimate, based on “Using Technology to Streamline Tactical Sourcing” from The Hackett Group, Inc., April 29, 2013.

** The use of SAP Ariba Spot Buy is subject to regional availability.