Control spending and improve collaboration from source to settle

SAP Ariba spend management solutions integrate the entire buying process across your organization. When you connect to Ariba Network, you connect to millions of suppliers in both direct and indirect expense categories so you can…

  • manage everything from sourcing and procurement to invoices and payments with a few simple clicks
  • collaborate electronically with suppliers on each transaction
  • do it all while data is flowing securely between your ERP system, your purchasing process, and your suppliers

The result is a dynamic, digital marketplace where you can efficiently manage transactions, find new sources of savings, and ensure the long-term health of your supply chain.

SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing

  • SAP Ariba Sourcing and SAP Ariba Collaborative Sourcing – With market-leading tools, expertise, and network connections, you’ll create the right kind of sourcing environment. Uno que promueva la competencia para su negocio, ofrezca los mejores contratos de abastecimiento y genere ahorros sostenibles.
  • SAP Ariba Contracts – Rid yourself of the paper and ink and you can automate, standardize, and speed up the entire contract lifecycle. Administre cualquier tipo de acuerdo para una mayor productividad y conformidad.
  • SAP Ariba Spend Analysis – Gather your spend data from wherever it lives, classify it according to company and industry standards, then enrich it with D&B market intelligence. Obtendrá, a pedido, un análisis integral y profundo de las prácticas de compra de toda la compañía. 
  • SAP Ariba Start Sourcing – Make fast and strategic sourcing decisions that drive immediate savings. Sin software costoso. Because it’s free.
  • SAP Ariba Discovery – Use our free buyer-supplier matching service to open the door to the world’s largest business network, home to more than more than 2 million companies worldwide. Find new sources in three simple steps.


SAP Ariba Supplier Management


SAP Ariba Procurement

  • SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing – Provide your uses with a fast, consumer-like shopping experience with the leading procure-to-pay software solution.
  • SAP Ariba Buying – Maximize efficiency in your front-end procurement process with this procure-to-order solution. Through seamless integration, invoice and payment processing are handled by your ERP.
  • SAP Ariba Catalog – Strengthen compliance and control with this procurement content solution that drives spend to only approved suppliers.
  • SAP Ariba Invoice Management – Reduce process complexity and ensure compliance with all your invoices: PO, non-PO, MRO, and service invoices.


SAP Ariba Supply Chain


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