IBM Technologies

IBM® and Ariba have formed a broad, strategic alliance to deliver a complete enterprise spend management solution by combining IBM's leading e-business technology and integration services with Ariba spend management applications. This alliance benefits our joint customers by enabling them to increase visibility and control of spend across their enterprise; deliver sustainable, enterprise-wide savings; and improve implementation times and reduce risk.

The products that IBM offers to our joint customers are IBM technology (hardware and software); IBM consulting services and systems integration, with optional IBM hosting; and IBM financial services. The tight integration between IBM and Ariba products creates a flexible, scalable solution that combines the strengths of both companies to help transform our joint customers into e-business on-demand enterprises. This alliance enables a company to implement an on-demand solution that is integrated across their company with key partners and suppliers and can deliver greater cost savings, efficiencies, and competitive advantage to global enterprises. 

IBM is also a member of the Ariba Network, which enables Ariba Buyer customers to easily procure IBM products through integration to the Ariba Network. IBM has been certified as an Ariba Ready supplier, indicating that IBM has demonstrated scalable and repeatable transaction processes and content creation capabilities to Ariba Buyer customers.

Partnership Type:
BPO Resell Partner
Technology Manufacturer/Developer