SAP Ariba makes it simple. And powerful.

Extend your processes into the cloud with SAP Ariba's market-leading applications and business network. There, your organization can be far more effective and efficient at managing your supply chain, serving your customers, and collaborating with your trading partners. Safely and securely. 

With SAP Ariba, businesses around the world are combining scalable and flexible source-to-pay solutions with their on-premise infrastructure. SAP Ariba offers broad integration with all back-end systems, but it is especially deep with SAP solutions. Integrating SAP Ariba into your SAP infrastructure is simple and can deliver powerful results:

Get the simplicity and flexibility you need

Working with SAP Ariba, your integration framework and solutions will be based on...

  • Choice: Integration options that fit into your existing landscape
  • Open Standards: Making it easier for your IT team to employ common technologies for connectivity and data exchange
  • Simplicity:  Integrating our cloud apps with your current infrastructure means no new hardware required
  • Extensible Business Processes: Meet your specific needs with our rich portfolio of standard integrated business processes

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